Where Is The Bitcoin Blockchain Stored

The Bitcoin and Blockchain Technology ExplainedStored in your wallet file is the list of accounts that you control and the secret key needed to spend coins sent to those accounts. Stored in the public blockchain (held on every computer running the Bitcoin client) is the record of every transaction ever made, including any transactions that sent you coins.

The blockchain is stored on every node in the network. If you were to download a client like bitcoin core then you would have the complete blockchain on your computer. Because every node has a copy there is no central point of failure so it would be very difficult to destroy it.

On the person's computer? On bitcoin.org? 🙂 Where does that information reside that tells others and me how much bitcoins I have? I assume it can't be on my PC …

The answer to this question is what basically makes blockchains so popular/revolutionary. The ledger i.e. blockchain is stored on every computer (node) that partakes …

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