company add blockchain to name and increases revenue


Bubble, what bubble? Shares in a US that makes premium iced teas 500 per cent in pre-market trading on Thursday, after it said it would shift its focus to invest in technology. Long Island Iced Tea Corp said it will change its to Long Corp, and…

Clearly, traders remained excited and bullish on the regardless. Interestingly, On-line Plc isn’t the world’s first to see a great in its share price following a -related change.

While the its sales through its marketing campaign, it did not have a viable business model and spent far more on advertising than it made in .

In Russia, when some restaurants decided to propose cryptocurrencies related menus, the number of their customers thanks to that decision, because they buzzed on social networks.

German Chemical Company Pilots Supply Chain Blockchain …

Riot Blockchain: A Pioneering Cryptocurrency Company on …

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What is blockchain? – Definition from

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